Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ford spare parts: Writing diagram: generator Installation

Ford spare parts, Writing diagrammes, PERFORMANCE PARTS, remove engine, remove generator PERFORMANCE PARTS ORDER
1. To insert the generator, to screw up bolts of its fastening and to tighten their hand.
2. To connect and fix a socket of multicontact connection of wires behind the generator.
3. To establish and pull wedges a belt (1 – a bolt of the tension device, And – a belt deflection (And = 10 mm)).
4. To tighten a bolt of adjustment of a tightness, then a forward bolt of the bottom fastening and, at last, a back bolt of the bottom fastening of the generator.
5. To connect a weight wire to the accumulator.
6. To check up a tension wedges a belt. In case of need to weaken bolts of fastening of the generator, to pull a belt and again to tighten bolts, since a bolt of adjustment of a tightness, and then a bolt of forward and back fastening of the generator.

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