Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ford spare parts: Repair Automatic box of a gear change: What to do, if the box "has risen"?: Used ford parts

There is a widespread category of automobile owners which at a workshop choice are guided only by one ford parts antenna cable criterion - that more cheaply and it is better. 
The first question which they set to the master: and will cost how many repair?

If the master on вскидку names at once the price, not looking in a box, it is ford parts list better to refuse services of such "expert" at once. Why? 

Yes because without analysis Automatic box of a gear change to define character of breakage and consequently, and work volume, quantity of spare parts and accordingly in what sum all it will pour out, it is impossible!

Let's admit, the master named to you the fixed price and you have agreed. Having disassembled a box, the master sees, that repair cost exceeds the ford parts on line named sum, but it is already adhered to it. Not to burn through, it is compelled to save on spare parts, to put used ford parts details, to use doubtfully cheap ford transmission parts a liquid, and even to fill in the old.

After repair "master" from garage necessarily in words to you will give a guarantee. You are assured, what in a week will find out this master on a classic ford parts former place? And you trust till now in "gentlemen's" agreements? Believe old popular wisdom: "Avaricious pays twice".

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