Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ford spare parts: Ford auto parts: the Device of engine Ford: Engines CVH established on Ford Sierra

This engine has appeared for the first time on Escort ' 81, is primary with volumes 1.1; 1.3 and 1.6. It was put also on Fiesta and ford sierra spare parts. In 1986 there was version 1.4, and in 1888 - 1.8. On Sierra in July 1988 have started to put 1.8 with carburetor Pier burg 2V (code R2A – 90hp/66кWt; code R2C – 87hp/64кWt, the catalyst), in 1989 - 1.6 with ford oem parts monoinjection (CFI) capacity 80hp/59кWt (code L6B), and since April 1992 - 1.8 CFI capacity 86hp/63кWt (code R6A).

Features of a design:
The pig-iron block of cylinders, head of the block from an aluminum alloy.
Cam-shaft resulted by a gear belt in a head of the block and the cooling pump.
Drive of valves through коромысла, with hydro jacks of backlashes.
Drive of the oil pump of a straight line from сranked shaft.
The ignition distributor in front on a cam-shaft (1.8) or without the distributor (CFI).

On spare parts CVH not so roads as DOHC, however on 1.8 ford auto parts are more expensive and are rare, than on 1.6.

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  2. Please let me know what is in the diagram no.7. My engine is flooded with oil in that area. I believe it is the reason I'm loosing a pint/100km of oil.


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