Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ford spare parts: Writing diagram: repair generator

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AND – Bosch,
IN – Lucas,
With – Motorola 35 A and 45 A,
D – Motorola 55 A and 70 A.
1 – a pulley and the fan,
2 – a forward cover,
3 – a rotor,
4 – the bearing,
5 – stator,
6 – the rectifier,
7 – a back cover,
8 – brush holder,
9 – an electronic regulator of pressure

For dismantling and assemblage of the generator after ord thunderbird performance parts its removal from the car it is necessary to take advantage of drawing on which correct positions of separate details are presented.

In the course of generator repair it is necessary to adhere to following instructions:

– The diodes placed in the generator, are sensitive to a heat; in case of need their replacements in soldering process it is necessary to hold used ford parts their conclusions with metal tweezers which take away heat from a soldering iron sting, and also to limit to a necessary minimum soldering time;
– It is necessary to avoid use of electric ford parts on line soldering irons as in case of damage of their isolation they will cause breakdown generator diodes;
– In the course of control tests of the generator of pressure of a food should not exceed 14В;
– In the course of check diodes it is possible to use a direct current the pressure, not exceeding 24 In;
– For cleaning of details it is necessary to use classic ford parts exclusively gasoline; at once after cleaning of details (especially windings) it is necessary to drain them a stream of compressed air.

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