Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ford spare parts: Ford auto parts: the Device of engine Ford: Engines OHC 2.0 EFI for Ford Sierra

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With 3/85 2-litre ОНС began to equip with electronic injection of fuel (EFI) which is ford oem parts system Bosch L-Jetronic with ford’s the block of management EEC IV.

There were two versions:
With low degree of compression (92 gasoline) and the adjustable catalyst capacity 100hp/74кWt (a code to 1/87-NRD; with 1/87-N4B)
With high degree of compression (95 gasoline) capacity 115hp/85кWt (a code to 1/87-NRB, NR2; with 1/87-N4A, N4I)

On ОНС with injection strengthened (205th) block of cylinders ford car parts and a head of the block with the changed inlet channels is used.

Successful enough engine as, having kept all ford motor parts advantages ОНС (simplicity, reliability and cheapness), has quite good dynamic characteristics. The system of injection established on it, is simple (especially on h.p. version 115) and, unlike carburetors, seldom demands to itself attention.

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