Friday, June 26, 2009

Ford spare parts: Repair of injectors Ford

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The dosed out giving of fuel in cylinders of the engine Ford is provided with atomizers (injectors). The injector or an atomizer is an ford model a parts operated electromagnetic valve on which qualitative work engine Ford overall performance depends. The atomizer which is the basic executive detail of system of injection, works in exclusively heavy conditions. Therefore serviceability of engine Ford depends on atomizer ford spare parts maintenance service.

Ford is made for revealing of malfunctions of injectors their diagnostics which is spent by means of the specialised diagnostic antique ford parts software. Diagnostics of injectors Ford consists in carrying out of tests for tightness and productivity of atomizers with their subsequent washing by ford model a parts
means of an ultrasonic radiator. By results of diagnostics malfunctions in ford motor parts
work injectors systems are defined and their elimination is spent.

The basic signs of malfunctions of atomizers the following:
The insufficient capacity developed by the engine;
Jerks and failures at increase in loading at the engine;
Unstable work on small turns;
The raised toxicity of the fulfilled gases.

The most widespread kind of malfunctions of injectors is their pollution – formation on an atomizer of firm adjournment, partially or completely blocking распылительные apertures; it leads to infringement ford auto parts of tightness of the needle valve. Besides, as a result of pollution of elements of fuel system (a tank, pipelines, the filter etc.) channels and ford motor parts
filters of injectors can get littered.

Repair of injectors Ford consists in their washing with which help removal of all pollution from injectors systems is made. Ways of washing of injectors Ford happen the following:

• washing by special additives to fuel;
• washing without dismantle of atomizers from the engine by ford car parts
means of special installation;
• washing at the ultrasonic stand.

In service Ford is applied the advanced kind of washing of injectors Ford – washing at the ultrasonic stand. The injector plunges into special antique ford parts
washing structure, and by means of ultrasound there is a destruction of all adjournment. After the termination of process ford spare parts
of washing productivity and quality распыла an injector is estimated.
To prolong term of normal work of injectors Ford, it is ford spare parts recommended to fill the car with gasoline of the high quality specified in the passport, and accurately to observe terms of replacement of the fuel filter.

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