Friday, June 26, 2009

Ford spare parts: Engine Ford repair

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From all lineup of cars Ford among motorists of Russia uses special popularity Ford Fokus. On cars Ford Focus petrol engines classic ford parts, used ford parts, of family Duratec and diesel ford model a parts engine Duratorq are established. The petrol ford car parts engines, which volume varies from 1,4 to 2 litres, possess high profitability of fuel and the improved traction ford motor parts characteristics. Turbodiesel Duratorq TDCi has volume of 1,8 l.

Power unit Ford Focus copes system of electronic control Ford ЕЕС-V. On petrol engines it is electronic system of ignition 3-D, electronic injection SEFI and detonation gauges. In a diesel engine fuel moves distributive type directly in the combustion chamber.

Ford is necessary for non-failure operation of the engine exclusively exact control of key parametres:
Mix structure;
The moment of its injection in the cylinder;
Qualities of dispersion.

Practice of operation Ford Fokus shows, that reliability of manufacturing of the basic knots of a diesel engine Ford without major repairs provides long work antique ford parts of engines. Possible malfunctions appear in systems of giving of fuel and its injection in combustion chambers more often. Therefore repair Ford in these cases is reduced to adjustment or repair of fuel equipment.

On other representative of family not less popular among the USA motorists Ford – Ford Mondeo – four-cylinder diesel engines with ford auto parts in three various variants of capacity are established. Engines Ford Mondeo though are executed on the highest degree of quality, but, nevertheless, are not deprived annoying defects.

More often originators of malfunctions of the engine can be bearings and radical bearings of a cranked shaft. Weak detonation noise can testify to it from a motor compartment at the cold engine. To check up serviceability шатунных bearings, ford auto parts
it is possible to disperse idling the engine to average turns, and then ford spare parts
sharply to dump gas. If the easy detonation sound is distributed – it is necessary to go urgently to service Ford, as on the person malfunction bearings.

Sometimes, of course, happens simply enough to replace the bearing loose leaf, however diagnostics of the engine Ford can ford motor parts define necessity of more serious repair of knots of the engine (polishing, , new installation of a cranked shaft and so forth).

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