Friday, June 26, 2009

Ford spare parts: Repair Automatic transmission Ford

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If in road there was a breakage and you needed repair Automatic transmission
Ford our car-care centre renders free service in evacuation of your car to our service centre. Basically, you can be defined indirectly with working capacity of system of greasing of a box in such a way: to compare oil level in Automatic transmission
on the working engine and in the muffled condition. If by the got car oil level remained at former level and has not fallen, do not try to result independently at all the car, about towage it is necessary to forget and wait эвакуатор. Otherwise instead of one breakage you will bring the whole heap of problems – because of idle system of the greasing, rubbing details will lose. If by the got car oil level has fallen, you at own risk can tow off the car to carry out repairs Automatic transmission
Ford. Transportation is carried out only at the included engine and neutral by position of the selector of an automatic box of speeds. Besides there is the private rule, named fifty on fifty, that means: it is possible to move with a speed not above fifty kilometres per hour and on distance of no more than fifty kilometres. Certainly, there are also emergencies when simply there is no place to wait эвакуатора, and the car to translate it is necessary. In that case in a box fill in the greatest possible quantity of oil that though greasing of rubbing elements in an automatic box of speeds was somehow carried out.
The majority of modern automatic boxes have an electronic control system which urged to supervise its work. In case of breakage all failures of system register in memory in the form of malfunction codes. Simultaneously with conducting a broad gull of errors the driver is informed by means of a blinking of control lamps or высвечивания inscriptions on malfunction. The majority suppressing them is an insufficient level of oil in system. Therefore for prevention of such breakages it is necessary to supervise periodically oil level, coming in time on diagnostics Automatic transmission
Ford. Repair Automatic transmission
Ford Focus can arise because of an engine overheat, all the matter is that system of cooling of the engine and Automatic transmission
the general. Therefore even say, that «the engine overheat is a slow death of a box». Because of an overheat there is a change of properties of sealing rings, linings and rubber cuffs.

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